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Dr. Christopher Bruce  

His Life and Beyond
Dr. Christopher Bruce is the founder and overseer of Excel Church, our television network The Excel Network and many other international ministries and foundations. He is a modern day prophet and apostle to the body of Christ by the grace given by Christ Jesus. He ministers to politicians, businessmen, women, clergy, global entertainers, major sports figures, doctors, professionals, the poor, homeless, the sick, and afflicted.
He was born September 2, 1964 in Brooklyn, New York.   At a young age, his young mother and father, George and Deloris Bruce, noticed his unique ability of being able to recant and remember great amounts of infomation and foresee specific events in family members' lives.  Despite being brought up in the toughest projects of Brooklyn, Bed Stuy, Prophet Bruce calling kept him.   
Twenty- seven years later, Dr. Bruce has preached the message of the "Kingdom of Jesus Christ"  around the world; continuously declaraing to the nations the universal love and freedom found in Jesus Christ. This message of forgiveness, grace, love and freedom in Christ, has touched the lives of many and has formed our 5 core belief system.  He has witnessed millions of miraculous healings, global prophecy fullfilled and lives transformed in His ministry. 
Dr. Bruce is ever expanding.  In 2013, after many decades of preparation, he was lead to launch a new ministry, college, shelters and television network.   The Excel Network (T.E.N TV.) , Excel Church and Michigan Midwest College of Theology.  
Prophet was given two honorary doctorates from accredited colleges for his life long work in philanthropy, theology and in ministry.
He continues to be a counsel and vessel to the world inspiring all people of all races to receive the grace given through Jesus Christ. 
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